About Us

Exploring global issues and currents moving the modern world

Global Santa Fe is an education-based non-profit that ignites dialogue around critical world issues. Our intellectual and cultural leadership empowers our members, educators, students and communities to be more informed and engaged. We do this through three interconnected program areas: Dialogue & Diplomacy, which includes our celebrated Under Fire series, Cultural/Professional Exchange with international visitors, and inspiring Student Education and Travel.

We Believe

our vitality comes from cultural exchange and education, which in today’s world is critical to creating cross-cultural understanding and mutual respect.

We Know

dialogue, diplomacy, and understanding hold the keys to reaching common goals peacefully.

We Ignite

an exchange of ideas that educate and empower people to become informed global citizens.

We Create

an inclusive space for discussion of global issues to foster a more empathetic and peaceful world.

We Unite

global citizens who, together, drive change.

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Sparking Energy, Vibrancy, and Curiosity

At Global Santa Fe, we recognize the invaluable role of interns. Their energy, vibrancy, and curiosity fuel our organization—keeping it fresh and on the cutting edge. In turn, our interns learn about critical world issues and how they impact what’s happening locally. It’s this exchange of ideas that have inspired this year’s interns to devote their time to our cause. If you are interested in applying for an internship with Global Santa Fe, please visit our Internships page for more information.