Cultural Exchange

Radiating From Santa Fe To The World

Global Santa Fe is a member of Global Ties U.S. which supports the Department of State’s International Visitor Leader Program and brings in nearly 5,000 foreign leaders to the United States annually to meet with their professional counterparts. Santa Fe is one of the program’s main destinations hosting over 400 participants annually.

Through these exchanges, local and global participants expand their world view. They dialogue about professional challenges, culture, geopolitics and business to create an authentic connection that radiates from Santa Fe to the world. The power of sharing our experiences and stories with one another helps us discover that we are not so different after all. Gone are the isolating bubbles in which we live. Instead, we see through the lens of we are all in this together.

We have challenges in Santa Fe, the U.S. and all around the world, often coming from a lack of understanding. This underlines our devotion to cultural exchange. We believe when our collective understanding is turned outward instead of inward, fears deescalate and collaboration accelerates, which helps us find common ground.

International Visitors

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Travel With Us

Among the many benefits of your membership is the opportunity to participate in members only trips organized by Global Santa Fe.

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