Threats to the Rule of Law were severe enough with the November election approaching. But forces opposed to the Rule of Law are using the passing of a staunch defender, Justice Ginsburg, to deepen those threats by hijacking the structures carefully crafted by the Founders to assure an independent and impartial judiciary. Many worry that their vote in the upcoming elections won’t be counted. Others fear the legitimacy of our elections will be undermined. Some question whether, if the incumbent president is not re-elected, the peaceful transition of power established since George Washington may be in jeopardy. Panelists include Chuck Case (retired US bankruptcy judge and CIR Board President); Richard Briles Moriarty (whose legal career spanned 40+ years in public and private sectors, and included arguing before the US Supreme Court); Richard Silver (former foreign service officer, lawyer, CIR Board Member). Vicki Huddleston (former US ambassador to Mali, Madagascar, and Chief of the US Interests Section in Cuba) moderates.