Student Engagement

What is new?

A Pilot Strategy to Develop Local Youth Leadership Diplomacy

Global Santa Fe has a long history of elevating global awareness and opening doors of opportunity for the next generation of citizen diplomats in New Mexico by engaging students. This propels our best young minds into educational and career pathways that benefit Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the world.

Global Santa Fe aims to enrich student engagement by piloting a new Youth Leadership Diplomacy Program leveraging the following strategic methods:

  • Clarify the intended learning outcomes of the program by developing a theory of change and learning framework.  
  • Identify and implement gold standard curriculum relevant to the intended learning outcomes.
  • Develop and employ monitoring and evaluation tools to better measure and demonstrate the program’s impact.  
  • Leverage qualitative data from past students to further improve program logistics and learning outcomes.
  • Incentivize students to more fully engage in the program with unique networking & travel opportunities.
  • Continue to build our library of resources for educators and pursue additional educational simulations for local students.