High School Fellowship

Opening Minds And Doors

Application deadline extended to August 15th!

Giving current high school students the opportunity to learn about global issues from world-renowned speakers and international visitors, the Global Santa Fe High School Fellowship program also provides funding to study abroad and the added bonus of meeting like-minded students from across New Mexico interested in learning about the world. Fellows gain leadership skills, explore professional development and college prep, and complete an actionable group project that displays their passions.

Fellowship Application

Application will be open June 1st – August 15th, 2022 and can be found by clicking the “Apply Here!” button below. Filling out an application is required to be considered for the Fellowship, but does not guarantee a spot in the program.

What is the High School Fellowship?

The Fellowship is Global Santa Fe’s flagship educational program and delivers a unique opportunity for students to learn about global topics that may not be commonly taught in schools. The 2022-23 Fellowship will focus on global topics that are relevant in New Mexico – this may include immigration, food justice, water/drought, housing, and Indigenous rights – and will also explore careers, media, and current events related to international affairs.

Fellows meet regularly from September through April and have the opportunity to meet experts in the field, engage with students from other schools, attend Global Santa Fe events, and work on a long-term project related to a global passion or interest.

Fellows Fund

If you’ve ever wanted to experience different cultures, study a new language, and learn about life outside the United States, Global Santa Fe makes it happen. Our Fellows Fund awards can be applied towards an approved study abroad program, domestic summer camp, or internship. We competitively award this funding to current outstanding Fellows who regularly attend Fellowship meetings and engage with our organization.

Application and Requirements

High School Fellowships are awarded to New Mexican students who will be in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades during the Fellowship term. In-person meetings will be held monthly, with online engagement required between meetings on a virtual space like Google Classroom, and meeting days will be determined based on availability of those selected. Those interested in the Fellowship must fill out an online application, which includes several short essay questions. Filling out an application does not guarantee a spot in the Fellowship; the application is competitive and Fellows will be selected based on commitment, interest, and other factors.

Previous knowledge or experience with international topics is not required – only a curiosity or passion for the world! Students who represent our diverse New Mexico communities are encouraged to apply.

Please direct any questions to Regan Hill, our new Program Officer for Partnership and Outreach at regan@sfcir.org