Summer Institute

Solve Complex World Issues As A Player In Our Simulation Game

NexGenSim is a simulation game exploring complex and critical global issues, with students as stakeholders actively deliberating towards consensus. 

2017: The first annual policy simulation was hosted at Santa Fe Prep with more than 70 students. 

2019: Gameplay expanded to three schools, Capital High School, Mandela International Magnet School, and Santa Fe Prep, with more than 175 students. 

2020: Global Santa Fe hosted simulations at Los Alamos High School, Santa Fe Prep, and Sandia High School, engaging with 275 students. 

2021/2022: NextGenSim goes virtual. The simulation focuses on how a natural disaster will affect the fictional country of Firenzia’s as it transitions to renewable energy. 

Learn more about NextGenSim here.

Want to host NextGenSim at your school?

If you are a teacher or student interested in participating in NextGenSim 2022, please send Global Santa Fe’s Program Officer for Education, Brooke Minnich, an email at We welcome and encourage single school simulations as well as collaborative events among multiple groups.

Discover Your World This Summer

Imagine learning languages like Arabic and Portuguese or hearing stories about  Arctic Russia and human migration. How about practicing your interview skills and working with a pro to build your résumé?  All of this and more is possible at Global Santa Fe’s Summer Institute.

Virtual/Zoom Lessons

Designed for high school students across New Mexico, our Summer Institute is held during one week in June.

Each day, participants have three 1-hour lessons: an introductory overview to a foreign language; a geopolitical or cultural lesson on the region where the language is spoken; and finally, a professional development session.

Sample Schedule


To participate, complete our application, including a 500-words-or-less explanation of why you want to join and how the Summer Institute would benefit you academically and professionally.