Theory of Change

Global Santa Fe is committed to investing in New Mexico’s youth by offering a measurable and transformational educational experience. The following Theory of Change is a visual illustration that expresses the framework for that transformation to occur and to be evaluated. It demonstrates what Global Santa Fe and key stakeholders of the program have identified as the best course of action for the Youth Leadership Diplomacy Program Intervention to achieve the desired outcomes and impact.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation tools will be developed to measure and demonstrate program impact. 

  • Surveys will be collected from participating youth during their first in-person session and again at their final in-person session.
  • Quizzes relevant to the content will be administered to youth during virtual sessions.
  • Interviews will be conducted with youth during their travel experience.
  • Surveys & interviews will also be collected from participating adult speakers & volunteer mentors.

The data collected will be analyzed to help Global Santa Fe better understand if and how students are gaining new knowledge, skills, experiences, exchanges and insights throughout the course of the program and to help illuminate impressions and insights from adult participants. 

The learnings will be leveraged to refine content where necessary for future programs to ensure learning outcomes are being met and students are engaged. Insights gained on program successes will be shared to entice future applicants to participate and to attract future funding. The data will be compiled into an impact report that will be made accessible to all key stakeholders.