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Nothing Creates Connection Like Travel

Providing first-hand cultural experiences, Global Santa Fe’s travel program, in partnership with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, elevates international understanding and galvanizes our community of globally informed citizens.  Our reputation as one of the nation’s leading international forums for dialogue and diplomacy allows us to receive invitations to meetings with leaders of local organizations and governments. Blending with opportunities to explore the culture of remarkable sites around the world, our trips offer access not available on any other tour.   

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia organizes all the Travel the World trips for organizations like Global Santa Fe and has been doing so for over 35 years.  If you enjoy traveling on unique tours to fascinating destinations and having access to political and cultural experts and local guides who give behind-the-scenes views and briefings, then you’ll quickly discover why traveling with Global Santa Fe is so special.

Each trip is planned with rich learning opportunities offered by experts, special local access, and personalized service.

To learn more, visit the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.  

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